Andrew Gasson

Andrew Gasson, DCLP, FCOptom, FAAO, ARPS (Contact lens specialist)

Andrew Gasson qualified in the 1960s and has specialised solely in contact lenses since about 1970. He started his own practice in 1972, moving in 1984 to rooms here in De Walden Street where he continues to fit all types of contact lens. These can be either simple disposables or highly complex and individually designed lenses. Aftercare problems are a speciality and new patients however challenging are always welcome.

Andrew Gasson has lectured widely at both UK and international meetings, published numerous clinical papers and is the originator and co-author of The Contact Lens Manual.

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Sharon Biddlecombe Assoc CIPD (Practice manager and accounts)

Sharon has been in optics for over twenty years. She was originally employed in a suburban practice where she helped start up and run the contact lens department. She then worked with a Harley Street laser clinic for twelve months before moving to De Walden Street in November 2001. Sharon is therefore fully knowledgeable about the various types of contact lenses now available, including complex designs such as bifocal and astigmatic. In addition, she looks after all aspects of our practice accounts and personnel.

Sylwia Warszawska FBDO (Optical and dispensing assistant)

Sylwia has worked in optics since 2008. She is a qualified Dispensing Optician and is fully experienced in straightforward as well as complex and paediatric spectacle prescriptions. She has been attending a specialist contact lens course for the last eighteen months and therefore has a comprehensive knowledge of all types of contact lens.

Judith Stechler

Judith Stechler, MCOptom, BSc (Optometrist)

Judith Stechler joined Andrew Gasson during 2008 to provide a wider range of clinical and optometric services. Judith graduated at City University in 1980 with a degree in optometry and has since worked both at Moorfields eye hospital and within an ophthalmological practice in London’s Harley Street area. She has the diploma in contact lens practice and is therefore very experienced with the medical aspects of contact lens fitting.