In 1935, Kohler and Danz, a firm of artificial eye makers of New York, were making blown lenses with a ground optical portions and translucent scleral part like the Muller lenses of Wiesbaden. Most of the American artificial eye makers came from Lauscha in Germany where they had been apprenticed. The firm was a partnership between Arnold Kohler and Richard Danz Senior, although Richard Danz Junior and Adolf Danz also worked at the company. Later E. & S. Danz was formed by Emile and Septimius Danz, brothers of Richard Danz Senior, who is thought to have made the first contact lenses in the US in the early 1930’s. Glass supply during the imminent war was going to be difficult so Richard Danz Senior made a trip to Germany in 1939, returning with four years supply. The Danz family is still making artificial eyes in New York.