New Patients

We are always happy to accept new patients whether for simple disposables or highly complex and individually designed hard lenses. Aftercare problems are a speciality and new patients however challenging are always welcome.

Most patients are recommended by friends, family or colleagues so that here is no need to be referred by a third party such as your doctor. To book an appointment simply telephone on 020 224 5959 or send an email to our email address.

For patients new to De Walden Street it would help if you could complete the form below before attending. A copy of your information will be sent to the practice as well as to yourself for reference.

    Please answer yes or no to the following questions and give brief details.

    Payment of Fees

    Initial fitting fee is payable after the first visit and contact lenses on collection.

    NB. We do not have any arrangements for direct settlement with insurance companies, so that a receipted
    account will be supplied if necessary.

    For patients sponsored by an Embassy, payment is required as above unless there is a letter of guarantee.

    Click the sign for information on how to find us.

    De Walden Street Sign

    Entrance to Andrew Gasson's practice

    Entrance to the practice
    6 De Walden Street,
    London, W1G 8RL