Eye Examinations

Eye examinations are essential for the early detection and management of conditions affecting the eyes and general health and to ensure normal visual development in children .

At Zacks Eye Clinic incorporating Andrew Gasson Contact Lenses our team of specialist optometrists can provide advice on every aspect of eye care from paediatrics, to specialist contact lens fitting, management of complex prescriptions and adverse eye conditions.

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The Eye Examinations

An eye examination includes measurements of the spectacle prescription by different objective and subjective methods. The eyes are examined externally and internally for conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal detachments. Retinal photographs and OCT scans are stored for comparison on future visits. The effects of systemic conditions such as diabetes and raised blood pressure can be detected and monitored with our imaging systems.  Additional tests for binocular vision, intra-ocular pressures, visual field analysis and colour vision are performed as necessary.


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Children’s Eye Examinations

Specialist assessments are performed on young children to ascertain their quality of vision and spectacle prescription. More detailed examinations are available for children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia or those requiring contact lenses, orthokeratology or myopia management.

Complex Eye Prescriptions

Complex spectacle prescriptions due to extremely high myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, or pathology, require extra care and attention. We allow plenty of time for complex prescribing to ensure we find the best possible visual correction for your eyes.

Contact Lens Examinations

Our contact lens specialists will advise on the most suitable lenses, from simple disposable lenses to highly complex individual designs. Contact lenses can offer considerable advantages over glasses,  providing a larger field of view and are ideal for sports / active wear.

Ophthalmic Imaging

We use a variety of ophthalmic imaging techniques to screen and monitor different structures within the eye and visual system. These include optical coherence tomography, optical biometry, corneal topography slit lamp photography, fundus photography and visual field analysis.

Diabetic Retinal Screening

Annual retinopathy screening is extremely important for diabetic patients. We can provide this service (privately) along with your sight test. A thorough dilated eye examination is performed  with digital fundus photographs and OCT scans and a report will be provided for your doctors.

Dyslexia Eye Examinations

dyslexia eye examination includes a sight test and thorough eye examination followed by specialist tests to assess visual problems, which can affect people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. This involves careful assessments of binocular eye movements, and focussing.

Myopia Control

Myopia (short sight) is expected to affect around 50% of the worlds population by 2050 and predicted to be a leading cause of blindness. We can provide specialist advice on myopia management with all the available options for slowing down progression.  


Orthokeratology, also known as overnight vision correction (OVC), involves wearing specially designed contact lenses to gently reshape the eye during sleep, in order to provide good unaided vision the following day without glasses or contact lenses.

For more information on eye examinations, or clinical reasons for early recall please contact us to make an appointment for a consultation at our central London practice.