Compared with spectacles

Advantages Disadvantages*
Wider field of view Time required for fitting and adaptation
Better with asymmetrical prescriptions Handling skills required by patients
Better for very high prescriptions Hygienic procedures and lens disinfection
Cosmetically superior Wearing time may be limited
More practical for sports Lenses can be lost or broken
Avoid weather problems Problems with foreign bodies
Vocational uses Deteriorate with use and age
Therapeutic uses Maintenance costs

*Some of these are avoided with daily disposables but with increased expense.

Advantages of soft lenses Advantages of gas-permeable hard lenses
Good initial comfort Excellent vision
Ease of adaptation Correct corneal astigmatism
Long wearing times Complex designs available
More difficult to overwear lenses Ease of maintenance
Absence of spectacle blur Fewer solutions allergies
Good for intermittent wear High oxygen permeabilities
Natural facial expression Do not cover the entire cornea
Less photophobia Exchange of tears on blinking
Fewer problems with foreign bodies Less risk of infection
Low risk of loss Easy to check